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ENGL 254-Advanced Composition / Couch

by David Peck, based on prior edition by Cindy Yonovich

Research Strategy

Invest Time and Effort

  • Finding, evaluating and citing sources for your paper is a process that takes time and effort to yield good results

Cite your sources

  • To give proper credit for quotes, paraphrases, ideas and information from your sources
  • To avoid plagiarism

Resources to use for your assignment

  • Issues (Reports) Databases

    • Find overview and background information
    • Identify or develop your topic
  • MCCC Article Databases

    • Find peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles
    • Find magazine & newspaper articles
    • Obtain more current information and research
  • MCCC Reference Databases

    • Handbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias
    • Get overviews, definitions, historical perspective, & statistics
    • Find related terms and keywords
  • A-Z Databases Webpage

    • Choose additional databases useful for specific topics
  • MCCC Library Homepage Search

    • Search multiple databases combined
    • Find e-books
  • Other Internet Sources

    • Update and expand your information
    • Consult your instructor or a librarian or use recommendations from reliable sources
    • Evaluate sources for Authority, Relevance, Currency

Email, save, print, and cite your selected sources

  • To find, read, review and check your sources later
    • Use at least two methods
  • Cite your sources to give proper credit for quotes, paraphrases, ideas and information from your sources and to avoid plagiarism

Issues (Reports) Databases

MCCC Discovery (Library Homepage) Search

Article Databases

Other Internet Sources

Reference Databases

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