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-Access MCCC Library Databases Anywhere

By David Peck

How to Login to the MCCC Library Databases from Home or Anywhere

Login to use the MCCC Library databases from home or anywhere else at any time.

Note that the login process has changed as of January 2024. Please now include the "" or "" as part of your username.

When the Library Resource Login screen appears:

  1. Students choose the Student Log In link. This takes you to a Microsoft login page. Use the same MCCC username as for your campus email. For example, the username for "Anyone Lastname" might be
  2. Faculty and Staff choose the Employee Log In link. This takes you to a Microsoft login page. Use the same MCCC username for your campus email. For example, the username for "Anybody Lastname" might be
  3. The password is the same as for your Brightspace and campus email accounts. If you are a student and have not changed your password yet, try your 7-digit student ID number (be sure to use the upper row of numbers on a PC keyboard or that Num Lock is ON for the far right keys.)
  4. If you have tried unsuccessfully three (3) or more times, that username will be blocked for at least 30 minutes. If you do not wait 30 minutes, each additional failed attempt restarts the 30-minute clock.

If you are using the MCCC Library databases from the on-campus network, no login is needed (unless you are using a VPN). See the Tips section for more detailed help.

MCCC Library Resources Login screen

  • Database use off-campus is limited to currently enrolled students and current faculty and staff.
  • Call the MCCC Library at 1-734-384-4204 during open hours for assistance. At other times, email with questions or for reference assistance.
  • For assistance with MCCC campus password and username problems, call the MCCC Information Systems helpdesk at 1-734-384-4328 or 1-734-384-4234.




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