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SOC 251--Modern Social Problems/Roberts: What is a scholarly journal?

by Cindy L. Yonovich


Journal articles are usually reports of empirical studies, literature reviews, theoretical articles, methodological articles, or case studies.
Common characteristics include:
  • „Originality—to report on research, analysis, interpretation & to communicate new ideas, theories, or experimental results
  • „Intended Audience—scientists, physicians, historians, professors, teachers, and other professionals 
  • „Sponsorship—professional organization/society
  • „Editorial and Peer Review—articles are critically evaluated for scholarship by peers and/or professional editors
  • „Publication Frequency—often monthly or quarterly
  • „Pagination—often continuous for an entire volume
  • „Article format & length—often contain abstracts, bibliographies, footnotes & articles are lengthy
  • „Illustrations—few, but look for charts & graphs


Ulrichsweb--results--PROFESSIONAL JOURNAL
Look for peer-reviewed journal characteristics
  • Refereed symbol--YES
  • Serial type--Journal
  • Content type--Academic / Scholarly
    • Content type determines if a publication is scholarly
    • Trade journals often look similar to scholarly publications, but do not contain actual research
    • VERIFY every title you use for research











Look for peer-reviewed journal characteristics
  • Refereed symbol--usually NO (however, some trade titles are peer-reviewed)
  • Serial type--Trade Publication or Magazine
  • Content type--Magazine
    • Magazines often look similar, so beware
    • VERIFY the title if you use it in your Works Cited Page



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