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Business: Small Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship Guide

By David Peck

Find by county, city, ZIP Code

Use the resources below to identify existing similar nearby businesses or potential competitors

  • types of business/industry as those in your plan 
  • options by county, city, ZIP or by map
  • size or sales


Start with the Build a Company List option. Adjust your search options as you explore to focus the results on your information needs.

Example search

  • Location:: ZIP = 48162. Click Add.  and Distance (mi)  = 10 (must include a distance). Click Add
  • Company Size: single site, zero to 100 employees. Click Add
  • Industries - NAICS .(industry code). Browse to 7225 - Restaurants and Other Eating Places   Primary only.  Note - try a search on Restaurants and browse to see what matches work. You may choose a general or more specific category and choose more than one.
  • Company Type. entity Type = Independent
  • Business Description = pizza. Click Add
  • View Results (top right). Provides address, sales and employees data if available
  • Use the Find Matching Contacts option (top right in results) to generate a list of possible contacts

Gale Business Demographics Now

Use the People and Companies tab

  • Search by Major Industry Group - such as 722513 Limited Service Restaurants (NAICS)
  • Search by Business Size, Ownership
  • Use Options (upper right) then Geography List to choose a location, such as 48161 Monroe MI

See the Finding Your Competition tutorial video in the Demographics Now video tutorials for more assistance. These tutorials are also linked in the Help, Tutorials and More . . . under the database description and in the Tutorials tab within DemographicsNow

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