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ENGL 151--English Composition I


Report databases--
  • Provide concise, up-to-date documents for researchers
  • Explore and analyze hundreds of hot topics
    • Politics, government, foreign policy, race, rights
    • Business, crime, law,
    • Energy, education, health, family, & science
    • Society and culture
  • Are noted for their in-depth, unbiased coverage



Find an issue several ways:
  • Browse IN THE NEWS
  • Click on SHOW ALL for A-Z list
  • Use BASIC SEARCH box
View Articles--Printing/Saving & Citation Building
  • Click on the PDF link for full text with pictures, etc.
    • Review the article
    • Print/Save or Email the article
    • Find pro/con in Points of View
    • Use other formats for info
  • Print citation
    • Click Print icon in Tools Box
    • Click middle radial button
    • Select either MLA or APA in drop down
    • Click Print to build the citation
    • Print or Save the citation, keep it with the article
    • Edit as needed for MLA / APA guidelines
Use the Source Types to develop your topic
  • Points of View provides pro/con aspects
  • Magazines & Newspapers provide current info
  • Books & Biographies provide background info
  • Primary Sources provide immediate, first-hand accounts
  • Academic Journals provide scholarly info



Browse issues three ways:
  • Click on Browse Issues link
  • Browse categories
  • Enter search terms in top box
Click on a topic:
  • Note the On This Page list
  • Scroll down to locate articles
  • Click on articles of interest
Articles--printing and citation building:
  • Click on DOWNLOAD in TOOLS BOX
    • The article will open in a new window
    • Print or Save article from the new window
  • Click on CITE
    • Click on MLA or APA
    • Click on SELECT
    • Copy & paste to Word or Notepad
    • Print or Save the citation
Searching CQ Researcher--TWO WAYS TO SEARCH
#1--Click on BROWSE TOPICS
  • Click on TOPIC
  • Browse articles
#2--Use the Quick Search box
  • Enter keywords in the Search box
  • Click on Search
Results for CQ Researcher--
  • Look for the most recent article on your topic
  • Click on the title link to see the article
  • Note--more than one article may prove helpful
Articles & Citations for CQ Researcher--
  • Use the TOOLS BOX to PRINT, SAVE or E-MAIL the article as needed
  • Click on CiteNow! to print or save the citation
    • APA is the default
    • Click on MLA  to change the citation format if necessary
    • Print or save the citation page, keep it with your Works Cited

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