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ENGL 151--English Composition I


  • Use Internet sources to identify, update & expand information
    • —Use carefully selected search engines
    • —Consult various sources, ask the librarian, or your instructor
    • Evaluate Search Results with ARC (MeL)
      • A--Author Authority
        • Who wrote it?
        • Who published it?
        • What authority do they have on the subject?
      • R--Relevance
        • Are both sides of the issue represented?
        • Is persuasive or emotional language used?
        • What does the domain ending tell us about intentions (.org, .com, .edu, etc.)?
      • C--Currency
        • When was it written?
        • Does the date impact the accuracy of the information?

  • Enter search terms & click on Search button
  • Scroll down and browse articles and reports from various government agencies
View articles--Printing & Citation
  • Click on title to open document
  • Print using the Print icon or your browser print
  • Use the web site format to cite the item

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