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ECON 251-Fried: Overview

by Cindy L. Yonovich


Library Resources to use for your assignment—
  • Reference Databases & Books—
    • For overview information, definitions, historical perspective, & statistics
    • Handbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias online or in print
  • Internet Sources—
    • Online information to identify, update & expand information 
    • Evaluate each site carefully for credibility
  • Report Databases--
    • Concise, factual, up-to-date resources for overview & background
    • Use the report databases to help you understand and/or develop a topic
  • Article Databases—
    • Magazines, newspapers & journals (including peer-reviewed items)
    • To find current, cutting edge information and research

Reference Source--database for definitions, background, etc.

Internet Sources--for additional info

Report Databases--to help you understand a topic

Article Databases--for current, cutting edge info & research

ECON 251--Fried/ Winter Term, 2020